Want to work overseas? Get a leg up on the competition with private coaching!

I strive my best to create the best free content for people interested in finding a job overseas, and will keep making as much of it as I can.

But if you are looking for more personalized advice in a one-on-one setting, I offer private coaching.

Private coaching puts my 20-plus years of experience to work getting results for you.

Some of the most common areas of concern are below, although the best part of private coaching is that we can address the issues that matter most to you in a personalized, high-impact manner: 

How do I even get started?

Want to work abroad but don't know how to begin?  Stuck in an entry-level job at home but want to go overseas?  I can help you get started!

Résumés & Cover Letters

Your résumé / CV and cover letter say more about you than you think. Make sure yours stands out when competing for an overseas position!

How do I pay for it all?

Want to volunteer or work overseas but burdened by student loan or other debt? Learn strategies to get what you want.

Interested in being a diplomat?

Interested in working as a diplomat? Real-life diplomacy is a lot different from the movies; learn what it's really like. 

What do I do with my degree?

Graduated with an international relations or political science degree, but struggling to find a job you like?  I can help you market yourself.


How does private coaching work, and what should I expect?

Ready to invest in a future overseas?  Here's how it works!

Step One:  Before you are asked to spend a cent, you contact me by clicking here. I'll email you to start our discussion, and will also send you a short questionnaire about you, your background, and your interests.

I strive to make the coaching experience as personalized as possible, and this is a very good way for me to get some initial insights into you and your goals.

Also, I only take coaching clients that I believe I can assist.  If I don't think that I have the expertise you need, or that your money will not be well-spent, I will let you know immediately.  I may even refer you to someone else I think might be able to better serve you.  It benefits nobody to have coaching sessions that are not useful to you.

Step Two:  Once you have filled out the questionnaire (and I believe that I can help you), we will schedule an introductory, 30-minute phone call or Skype conference.  I charge US$99 for this initial consultation, which includes (1) preparing for the call based on your questionnaire and (2) designing a a personalized workplan for you after the call.

During the call, we will talk in more detail about your answers to the questionnaire, as well as about how you prefer to work with me and your schedule.

Step 3:  We agree on a workplan and budget.  Our workplan can range from something as simple as a series of one-on-one calls, to helping you prepare résumés and cover letters, design presentations, network, or prepare for interviews.

Please note:  your personalized workplan will contain homework.  Working with me as a coach requires strong follow-through on our sessions. 

If you are going to get your money's worth, you will need to put in the effort.  Personalized coaching is not cheap, and you will not get anywhere fast just by chatting.  So please be prepared for this; I will hold you to account to our workplan, and you will do the same with me.

Step 4:  We follow through on the workplan and get you results!

This also means I will check in with you periodically for feedback on our work.  (And if you are OK with it, I may check in with you even after we finish our workplan, just to see how things are going.)  I want you to be 100% satisfied with your investment in your future!

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Have questions?  Not quite sure yet if private coaching is right for you?

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